Thursday, May 29, 2008

Islamic Blend Coffee from Dunkin Donuts with Rachael Ray (Coffee Terror!)

The all new Islamic Coffee made popular by the Rachael Ray.

Islamic Coffee: Extremist Caffeine!
التقويم الهجري

Coffee of Islam by the Ray

Dunkin Donuts pulls their latest ad because the scarf Rachael Ray is wearing
looks too similar to the scarfs the terrorist wear.
I'm too sexy for my scarf, yeah.

Did you know...

at the you can get:
I Love Allah Coffee Mugs!

at you can see:
photos of women with their heads cut off.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Urge Overkill - Strange I... first EP - Rare

Does anyone have this Super Hard to Find Rare record as Download??

Bubba the Redneck

...well, post the link as a comment!

Urge Overkill - Strange, I... (1986)

1. All Worked Out

2. Art of Man

3. My New Church

4. Snakemobile

5. Systems

Monday, May 19, 2008

Crawlspace - 1989 (Jim Carrey Avalanche photos) Ski accident Colorado

Cream of the Crawlin Crop. Send to us from one of the two Bobs in the band.
studio outtakes, demo versions, rehearsal tapes, and live stuff.
90 minutes, in 2 files.

password for this: screamsfromthegutter

 The Jim Carrey Avalanche

Photos from the death scene.

Crawlspace are from California. right?

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Jeff Hanneman Project-(Slayer) Demo (Echoli Meat Recall)

This is a demo tape by Slayer guitarist. Sounds like just guitar and a drum machine with vocals. Slower thrash, complete with swear words!

LINK Mega Up Load:

1986 tape.

NOTE: this mp3 starts with Demo #1 and Demo #1 of a band called The Brood.
So, the Jeff Hanneman music starts at about 30 min into the mp3.
this was just on the TDK tape in that order, when converted.

Push the button, we need...

Echoli Meat Recall has nothing to do with this post. or does it?

Don't eat the meat if it has worms - Notice from the FDA