Dissent-November-2-1989-BBQ_Iguana_DC (Foreclosure aid) - Old Punk Shows and Demo Tapes
Old Punk Shows and Demo Tapes: Dissent-November-2-1989-BBQ_Iguana_DC (Foreclosure aid)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dissent-November-2-1989-BBQ_Iguana_DC (Foreclosure aid)

Dissent show from 1989.

Converted from cassette

Link mega up load .com/?d=PIUY14M5

this download is rather large. you may want to brew some coffee while you wait.

Foreclosure Aid Rising Locally, as Is Dissent
New York Times, United States - Feb 26, 2008
By WILLIAM YARDLEY SEATTLE — As the Bush administration and Congress consider proposals to ease the home foreclosure crisis, local governments across the country think of new ways to tax the hard working people. Rumor of a crap tax coming soon. Prune sales decline.

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