Friday, February 29, 2008

Goober Patrol-South Hampton (Boycott Starbucks!)

Goober Patrol August,10,1990 Joiners-South Hampton UK

One of those bands similar to SamiAm, from the UK

LINK mega up load .com/?d=0BYYLN6U

Join the Boycott Starbucks Club. I'll have an overpriced Latte, with a police escort out the door please.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nuclear Winter Demo + Stikky at Gilman St. 1987 (coconut jet fuel)

Nuclear_Winter-Demo1991 plus Stikky - August-2-1987 Gilman_St

its a neat thrashy demo
then a even neater Stikky show.

LINK mega up load .com/?d=B3MORN3R

Brought to you by Ginoshy, the makers of Coconut Jet Fuel.

Dissent-November-2-1989-BBQ_Iguana_DC (Foreclosure aid)

Dissent show from 1989.

Converted from cassette

Link mega up load .com/?d=PIUY14M5

this download is rather large. you may want to brew some coffee while you wait.

Foreclosure Aid Rising Locally, as Is Dissent
New York Times, United States - Feb 26, 2008
By WILLIAM YARDLEY SEATTLE — As the Bush administration and Congress consider proposals to ease the home foreclosure crisis, local governments across the country think of new ways to tax the hard working people. Rumor of a crap tax coming soon. Prune sales decline.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fugazi-March25-1990-Cats_Cradle-NC (Beowulf DivX)

Fugazi-March 25-1990
Cats_Cradle-North Carolina

includes the soundcheck at the end
even though they checked the sound BEFORE the show.
and the Violent Children demo.

LINK mega up load .com/?d=KT7JKKQU

Includes some bonus material not found in stores.

say, wasn't Beowulf that weird kid that used to fart in the back of the bus?
no DivX here, sorry.

Transilence-Demo-Threatened_Fears (Disney Ultimat Music Game)

Demo tape.

LINK mega up load .com/?d=DAR59VFZ
probably 1989?

kinda like Shades Apart, and Beefeater.

Ultimate music game??

The Transilience Project is an tired effort to understand the characteristics of, rules governing, and potentials for the neat biosymbolic species, i.e. people who wander the web and download demo tapes from blogs (THAT WOULD BE YOU!)

Descendents-6-27-1986-Metro_AZ-7 seconds-Demo81 (Roger Clemens that Good Buddy!)

Part of the intro cuts off.
whatever, neat anyways.

has 7 Seconds Demo at the end too.

LINK mega up load .com/?d=HX60L8Z8

Rodger A OK.


had enough Jawbox??

LINK Mega Up Load .com/?d=1MV0TD8X


Monday, February 25, 2008

Starvation Army plus Alien Boys Split 7 (Charlie Bartlett)

Vinyl rip.

Starvation Army are cool
Alien Boys are Heavy

LINK mega:
(SA track) .com/?d=TQZZAFLB
(AB track) .com/?d=PHXK95W0

Charlie Bartlett teenage alien rocketshop

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Catalepsy Demo (Xbox - Gears of War)

This is post-Detente

3 tracks on this demo from 1987.


11 min.

LINK Mega Up Load

3.Evil within

XBox Gears of War, has nothing to do with this post.
Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

Revelation Demo #1 (Blu-Ray Xbox)

think this one is called Face Reality.
from 1987

LINK mega up load .com/?d=FSJNAAEH

itstarts with the Necrophagia demo #5.
so, its 2 demo tapes on ONE mp3.

we like putting weird unrelated images and words to each post. makes things more colorful and confusing, doesn't it? blu ray~

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fuel-Demo-November5-1989 (Natural Gas - the New Green Fuel)

LINK rapid share

different from their Nov 19 demo thing

Natural Gas - the New Green Fuel



RAPID Share:


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rave Records, Philly Punk late 80's (Stupid Criminals #3 Special Edition)

Bands like Alice Donut, Scab Cadillac, Starvation Army, The Big Thing, God and Texas and others. The unofficial site: Rave Records

our purpose for posting that? because we made the site years and years ago.
From Discpan Hands:

Tons of Nuns-Whats it Gonna Be


In this post we mean.

Rave Reccords

Stupid Criminals #3 Special Edition.
California officers investigate a domestic-violence call. The call turns out to be an angry woman upset with her man, who she feels does not have enough respect for their intimacy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Slowchange Madagascar - My Brother's an Idiot EP

One of those off posts. This band is more of a pop folk sounding band. Or something like Slovenly with more folk sound.

Cant even find photos of the record to add to this post.

on DeTox records. 1991 perhaps.
Geezer Lake sound similar, kinda, well...
you decide.
This photo is of their other 7"
I Don't Believe

This is included in this download.
(the 1st tracks)

LINK Mega Up load .com/?d=5318MNXH

How 'bout that Barney Clark?
It's in your heart.
It's always in your heart.
Barney dont feel too good.
It's not easy...

Post comments or opinions on this.

Fugazi-Cats Cradle, North Carolina-March25-1990 (Obama Mamma)

Live show, complete with soundcheck.
The soundcheck is at the END of the show.
about 65 min long.
This is when Fugazi were real awesome, you know, before they got kinda boring. Their best songs were written at this time.


Obama Mamma joke.

is there one? there will be, someday.

More Fiends - Toad Lickin

One of those ultra amazing, lots of weirdness bands. Songs like Slug Juice, Yo Asphalt Head, Mad at Everyone, and their BEST song Everything's an Omen.

Link mega up load .com/?d=U4EE2YQT

No, only to that one track, but if you haven't heard the band then you may not even want the whole cd. Enjoy the track...
You'll have to search the Ebay to get the real whole cd.

Y.our K.icked

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bands like Live Skull (pictures of Castro dead)

These are bands that kinda fall into that area:

Ritual Tension

Rat at Rat R (their older stuff)

Of Cabbages and Kings
This is from the vinyl source. Basic Pain Basic Pleasure. Last track on LP
Track ripped at 320kBps

Will add to this list... send suggestions!


we dont have any photos of castro dead. thats mainly because he isnt dead yet.
be patient please.

Friday, February 15, 2008

God_Bullies-May-17-1991-Paradise_Amsterdam Kazmierczak, The Dekalb Killer

The Dekalb Killer sez:
You must download this live show from AmRep artist God Bullies!

This is one of those bands you aren't sure you really like,but listen to sometimes.
Ok, not that often even.

Plastic Eye Miracle (Mad Queen) 1988 (Ger. Amphetamine Reptile/Glitterhouse)
Mamawombwomb (Amphetamine Reptile) 1989
Dog Show (Amphetamine Reptile) 1990
Join Satan's Army EP (Amphetamine Reptile) 1990

ended up on Alternative Tentacles after AmRep.

LINK mega up load .com/?d=X2J0RJZ3

Recommended from AmRep: Unsane CD

Kazmierczak probably listened to God Bullies on occasion.
"Self Injury in Correctional Settings: 'Pathology' of Prisons or Prisoners?"

Monday, February 11, 2008

September 1989 College Radio WRPI (damn tuition costs!)

Another 40 minutes of 1989 college radio. This includes 'NEW' Nirvana record (1989), Tar, Slaughter Shack, Hell Cows, King Kong, and some others that were 'NEW' at the time. Obviously Pre-MTV Nirvana. Have your mom help you name the other bands on the MP3.


mega upload .com/?d=TCW9D78T

Revelation Demo 1991 Unbearable Vision - Android Phone

Inlcudes the Human Remains - Bring Out Your Dead demo at the end.
just happened to be on the same side of the TDK tape. The Revelation Demo is about 25 min, the Human Remains demo is about 15 min. Human Remains demo is not doom metal, more like Sadus, thrashy...

Being described as a old-school doom metal band, mainly because they came up in early 90's healthy DC doom scene, this band was released 1 album from Rise Above and 2 albums from Hellhound records.REVELATION is considered to be one of the most important doom bands in 90s.

LINK mega upload . com/?d=KM4Y1O64

Android Phone has nothing to do with this download. Just put the words there for fun.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Agent 86 and Jawbox at the BBQ Iquana DC

November 2, 1989


Bikini Kill - Demo Riot Grrl Punk (and Amtrak Security)

Double Dove Ya...


LINK Mega Up Load .com/?d=OULGGUUP

I wanna go to the carnival!
Snuck my Lead gum.

Choo Chooo (BLAM!)
Bubba Didn't Do it!

Ripcord Live Show (with a John McCain Shot!)



LINK Mega Up Load .com/?d=RT5EXVF2

we had the wrong link there before.
this is Ripcord, really.
go ahead and download it.
no password on this one.

Christ_on_Parade-April-12-1986 (Cookie Thornton)


Audience tape

Link mega up load com/?d=QSN3HNDS

mega up load


College Rock - 1987 College Radio Show

This is something taped April 23rd, 1987.
From WRPI - A good sample of what was going on in the pre-"Alternative Rock" days.

Some bands on this:

Scab Cadillac (Awesome band!, on Rave Records)
Klause Flouride (ex-Dead Kennedys)
Government Issue

Lots of these songs were 'NEW' at the time. Kinda cool to hear " their New record"
This is part 1 of 2 of what was taped April 23rd.

Read more... College Rock


Mega Up load .com/?d=WU07BN3L

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Isocracy-Demo tape

Isocracy demo, plus some extra stuff at the end.

LINK Mega Up Load .com/?d=Q9GH1IZE

Devastation-Demo88-Pestilence-Demo 1988-Slaughter_Lord-Demo 1987

Devastation-Demo 1988 (not the one you are thinking of... a diff. band.)

Slaughter Lord-Demo 1987

3 demo tapes in one MP3

Thrashy metal
Death Metal


LINK mega up load .com/?d=02ZKMUH7

Sticks_and_Stones-Demo 1988-Vital_Signs-Demo (US Stealth Bomber)

2 Punk demo tapes in one mp3
The year for the Vital Signs demo? maybe 1988.

LINK Mega Up Load .com/?d=S96NAQ4W


Sticks and Stones.

US Stealth Bomber crashes in Guam.
...Pacific island of Guam, the first such incident involving the futuristic craft.

Both pilots on board ejected safely as the 1.2-billion-dollar radar-evading plane, with its distinctive triangular shape, went down at Andersen airbase on the remote island, the US air force said. "It was neato, like better than playing Xbox in HD", said a bystander.


Two bands in one mp3.
Fuel-Nov19-1989 Demo

LINK mega up load .com/?d=V0PRZ2D7


Take Effect..

Raw_Deal-Demo-1988- Hardcore demo tape

Has the demo plus some other extra stuff at the end of the mp3.



mega up load .com/?d=8SKYPQ4H

Obscurity-Demo86_and_Zyklon_B-Demo 1988

Two demo tapes in one mp3.

Both are metal bands.



mega up load . com /?d=OPNNBTKC

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gruesomees-Demo-Steal this Tape-Gothic_Punk

plus Oblivion Knight Demo
2 in one MP3


Gruesomes demo is like Gothic Punk. 1984
Oblivion Knight is Metal. 1988?

LINK: mega up load .com/?d=PW977T2D

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

is it really you on this pic?

is it really you on this pic?{your hotmail email here}

MSN messenger virus. Thought it would be neat to share.
Good luck. read more here:




Sunday, February 03, 2008

SamiAm - 930 Club CD October 27 1990

Starts with Clean.

Opened for Snuff.
There is a tape turn over part, slight silence, but its ok - don't fret.

47 min.


LINK mega up load .com/?d=50R4AG1D


whole lotta Jawbox...

LINK mega up load .com/?d=MRBP5PCY

Jawbox overload! geez!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Straight Ahead-January-3-1987-NY NYHC

Soundboard show.


LINK mega up load .com/?d=L92KJ69F