Thursday, January 31, 2008


Two demos in one MP3

Kinda power-pop punk.
go ahead, download it. its ok.

Mega Up Load .com/?d=3JDCQ52W

Geek and Superchunk July 16 1990 DC Space

Two shows in one MP3

Soundboard recording.
the Superchunk show cuts off some of the last song (My Noise)
Bummer.. But GREAT sound quality!

Geek were a sideband of Tsunami.

Elvis' Mother
Hemmingway Shotgun
Sexlike Desire
St. Theresa

Then Superchunk show starts with:
What Do I Get
Swinging (Note, tape turn over at this point, short silence, does not interrupt a song)
...more songs...

Mega Up Load .com/?d=V0M7QVU3

Jawbox DC Space December 4th 1989

A Short show.

Starts with Tools and Chrome.
Ends with Motherlode.

Good audience tape quality.

Mega Up Load


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Go - Just Say the Word - Demo 1989

SE/HC, or least is seems it might be.

From CT?

Just say the Word.


Mega Up Load .com/?d=ZWD9FN8G

Descendents-6-27-86-TheMetro AZ

Not the one requested. we dont have that ready yet.

Mega Up Load .com/?d=ACY87TFZ

This is ripped at a lower bit rate, like 32kBsp.
but the quality is really the same, audio.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Plaid Retina + Jawbox - April 4, 1990 - DC Space

First Plaid Retina, then Jawbox.
Both in the download:


Mega Up Load .com/?d=H5W7FQPP



Thursday, January 24, 2008


2 in one mp3



mega upload .com/?d=TNP6A8H3


um, probably not in demand anymore.

no, you dont HAVE to download it.

pick it up, pick it up.

Nightmare_on_sesame_street Demo #1

Nightmare on Sesame Street.

Demo #1

yeah, you want this one too huh?

well it.

LINK: mega upload .com/?d=VBZZY60X

Jawbox - Demo Tape

this probably isnt the tape cover. just happens to say Jawbox.



A_Subtle_Plague-Bard_College - Annandale-NY-Oct31-1990

A Subtle Plague.

um, kinda interesting NY band.


mega up load .com/?d=OL26JHJI

also, some band called AD opened for them.
Kinda of a Funky Rap Punk band.

here is the audio:

Media Fire .com/?9lnh5v1pzvy

Go AD go Ad go.


Bard College Student Center

New York


Entire show.
Government Issue-March-14-1988
Rock City-Leeds-UK

there is a tiny silent spot where turning the tape over occurs.
this does not interrupt any song, it is between songs.

LINK Mega Upload .com/?d=YB7PQK6U

Feb 2008

previous DL has wrong password.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Impetigo - Live Grindcore October 24 1987

Sent to me by Stevo back in 1987.

October 24, 1987.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lethal Aggression-November-11-1987-City Gardens-NJ

Lethal Aggression!
oh yeah.

Soundboard recording, a non-stop set. very awesome.

If you want to have a scene....

LINK mega up load .com/?d=VB990KM0

Images - Dreams are Real - Demo 1988

Little info on this band.

LINK media fire .com/?7zxjb0ssmtn

Paxton Quiggly - Demo 1988 Calif.

They released this Demo tape, and a 7"

Also appeared on a few comps.

LINK rapidshare .

no PW on this one.

More Fiends - Demo Tape Rave Records

amazing band.

go to which is their Post band page.

LINK: Mega Up Load .com/?d=I3P4D5ZA

Metal Chair???

Monday, January 21, 2008


Live show.

LINK bad ongo .com/file/7426169

Necrophagia Demo #5

Nightmare Continues

320 kBps

Good stuff, really.

LINK mega up load .com/?d=FSJNAAEH

This also has Revelation Demo #1 at the end.
its a 2 fer one deal - Today Only!


We will have the Necrovore Demo posted soon...

Blood-Demo5-1988-Necrophiliac-demo88-Desecration-demo-damage by decibels

3 demo tapes in one mp3

Blood-Demo #5-1988
Necrophiliac-Demo 1988
Desecration-Damage by Decibels Demo (the AZ punk band, not the Calif Thrash band)

LINK media fire .com/?6mjxfiut2mx

the pic here has nothing to do with the demo tapes...

Naked Raygun - Pyramid Hall - NY August 18-1988

note: there is a short silent spot where the tape turns over, but none of the songs are incomplete.

audience tape

Starts with: Cold Bringer
Includes a Government Issue cover song.
This show (MP3) ends with the Naked Raygun 1983 Demo tape!!

neat, huh?


send space .com/file/jfxa6j

There you go peoples. Download Download Download!!! Hurry, cause Send Space deletes files rather quickly.

Jan. 31, 2008

Freedom of Choice - FOC In Your Face - Demo

Probably 1988.

Some songs include:
Know who You Are
Bad Anarchy



mega up load .com/?d=7IXTEGHT

Free Will - 1988 Demo

Kinda like the 'New Wind' 7 Seconds.

LINK mega upload .com/?d=T776RA1L


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Transmetal - 1987 Demo-Velocidad Desecho Y Metal

we dont have much info on this band at the moment. we bet you do. post it here.
From Mexico.

Velocidad Desecho Y Metal

Mega Up Load .com/?d=6D8KZ0GF

Capital Punishment-March-7-1987-Gliman_St-Calif

ok, the first bit of this is missing.

maybe the first 1 min of the show.

LINK mega up load .com/?d=OW1JN9XL



Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jawbreaker Demo #1 and Demo #2 1989

2 Demo tapes in one MP3.

the end of the 2nd demo has some extra stuff by Jawbreaker

LINK rapid share .com /files/85600470/Jawbreaker-Demo-1_and_Demo-2-1989.rar


Ah, a good one, no?

LINK mega up load .com/?d=7DO44Z7A


Friday, January 18, 2008

Majority of One + People's Court Demo Tapes

Majority of One - Civil Disobedience Demo

People's Court - Demo

Probably 1988 or there abouts.

320 kBps

LINK mega up load .com/?d=YQ7NVW3X

Mission Impossible + Nuisance + Hard Stance Demo Tapes

3 in one MP3.
Nuisance demo is called Attractive Nuisance-
Your House
Censorship Song
Waiting Room
Day of Sun

Hard Stance demo is called End the Hate.

320 kBps

LINK mega up load .com/?d=XNW0Z3FS

Bird of Prey - Demo

From Pittsburgh.
There is some other band with this name.
This band is better.

320 kBps
LINK mega up load .com/?d=DEAVQCL5

Reanimator - Final Stage of Evolution Demo plus Santa Claus Demo

This includes the California band Santa Claus Demo
called Here comes Santa Claus - 1987 Demo

2 demo tapes on one mp3

320 kBps

Link: Mega Up Load .com/?d=R257DWAP

DOG - Demo

Not much info on this band D.O.G.
Disregard the mention of the SFH Demo in the mp3.
That one is elsewhere.


One of the tracks are called

Blood and Roses
Love Vs. Hate

320 kBps

You like, no?

LINK media fire .com/?2dyz1cypz3l

Gore - Massacre of Humanity Demo

This is the Michigan Gore band.
Not the SST Black Flag one.

at 320 kBps

LINK mega up load .com/?d=AOSBD2JI

Skitzo - Wrathage - 1986 Demo + Mosh Til Mush 1987 Demo

This also includes:

Disary - Demo.
No info on this really.
probably 1987

Thrashy Metal.

LINK mega up load .com/?d=7CYIRXBN

Sindrome - Into the Halls of Extermination - Demo 1988

This also includes 2 other demo tapes in this mp3:

Faith or Fear-1986 Demo
Leviathan-1986 Demo #1 (the end of this one cuts off)

From cassette at 320 kBps

LINK: mega up load com/?d=C1PN2Y5Y

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Inspector 12 + Indian Summer + Rebel Truth Demo tapes

3 demo tapes in one 45 min MP3.

Inspector 12-Speak Your Mind
Indian Summer-Demo
Rebel Truth-Demo 1989?

most of these are 1988-1989 or there abouts.


Mega Up Load .com/?d=0161E5JI

SFA-Tanks A Lot Demo + Brutal Truth-1986 Demo

This is 2 demo tapes in one MP3.
converted from cassette.
2 unrelated bands...


mega up load .com/?d=G5DMQHPG

at 320kBps

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Soulside-Paris,France, June - 17 - 1989

Live show.
PUnch THe GEek.


Photo of their Soon Come Happy LP

A Love Supreme

LINK mega up load .com/?d=JH9DLEFI

40 min show, 320kBps

Slovenly - After the Original Style - Vinyl LP

An amazing band you hear little about.
Recorded several LPs, one on New Alliance Records, the rest on SST.
Later recorded as Overpass.

Tracks on the LP:
1. Inhale
2. No shore
3. Inside Watch
4. mMcca of the american
5. Yogi's ark (one of their BEST songs!)

6. hurry
7. dialogue
8. squeaky clean
9. orange crush
10. where are my friends
11. the new possibility

a few of the tracks on the lp are kinda 'noise/experimental' stuff. They did less of this on their other lps - their last LP they did quite a bit of the noise. more noise than actual music tracks.

This download is the 1st 4 tracks of the LP. Ripped from vinyl.

Enjoy and appreciate! 320kBps

LINK: http://www. media fire . com/?3wyjtw3nqyz

Post a comment if you like the music.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Nice Strong Arm - Track from Reality Bath Vinyl LP

forever love

The sleepless nights
choking on dreams..

Life's just a short
waste of bad dreams.
Now open your heart
and go back to sleep.

mega up load . com/?d=T45SMVE7

Single track posting this time.

you have to remove the spaces to get the URL to work.
you probably knew that, didn't you?

Track listing on this LP:
Life of the Party
Date of Birth
When Truth Comes Around
Life is So Cool
Minds Lie
Free at Last
Notes from a Gut
Dying Skin

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dissent-BBQ Iguana DC-November 2-1989

Agent 86 opened for them. Single: Boy Eats Own Head. LP - Epitome of Democracy.

RIP band member Bob Baker.
Died in 1990... or there abouts.
a notice came from Amity Records about it.

mega up load .com/?d=JS769NUV

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ice Cream-Welcome Mr Nipsy-Demo-1990 French Pop Punk

Band from France (not the UK) sent their demo tape to us for some reason, back in 1990. It is kinda pop punk, like the DoughBoys, or Snuff (maybe).

well, anyways. here is the demo tape:

mega up load .com/?d=3F6IO310


17 min. total

Monday, January 07, 2008

1987 Punk Radio show. WRPI Troy, NY

This is side 1 and 2 of tape #7. Taped this from a college radio show that would play new Punk music. Mostly for historical purposes we post the file. Nearly all of the music in the MP3 was 'New' at the time. Includes the K-Martians, Lemonheads, Glorious Din, Social Unrest, and some Test Department (industrial). Does have some older music, like 1985-1986.

Fun to listen to and play Name This Tune.
Can you name all the bands?

Download Side 1:

Calling anyone.

Neurosis-Gilman St-Nov15-1987 Soundboard Recording

Neurosis... bla bla bla.. from Wikipedia: In late 1985, Scott Kelly and Dave Edwardson, both ex-Violent Coercion, along with Jason Roeder, founded the band as a hardcore outfit and it has gradually progressed through a variety of styles, arriving at a unique and profound mixture of heavy metal and acoustic, minimalistic ambience which has proved influential on the doom metal scene.

www.Mega Up Load . com/?d=O2YNDA7L

From the cassette list...

Necrophiliac-Demo-Putrefact Death(Mexico),EX,15
Necrosis-Demo-Kingdom of Hate,EX,15
Negative FX-Demo,198-,EX,15
Neurosis-Gilman St.,Calif.,11/15/87,EX-,40

U like, no?

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Lung - Three Heads on a Plate + Cactii


Ok, this is the 2nd post on this band. the download here is 2 tracks from their Cactii CD. Amazing band. You should like these 2 songs.

1 Full Moon Again 3:55
2 She's got a gun 3:24
3 Sarah 3:36
4 Sleep 3:20
5 Sub 2:24
6 Lurch 2:47
7 Hardwired 6:15
8 Numb 3:52
9 Eat the Poor 3:51
10 Ride 2:34


Goofed on the song numbers in the RAR file. match the song with the times next to the titles. Hardwired + Ride.
no songs from Three Heads on a Plate CD.


Eminence-MuJa Hall_California-March14-1987

This isnt a flyer from the show,. just thought the posting needed an image.
Soundboard recording. Thrashy Metal Punk.

1987 show.

Link coming soon.

if you download, post something in the shoutbox or whatever we have on the site.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Wreck - SoulTrain - CD Track

Just a single song post this time. Recommended band.
Download and listen already.

r a pid share . com/files/81252386/Wreck-Soul_Train-03-Postkill.mp3.html

you will like it.

you're welcome.

Breadwinner-Jan-26-1990- DC_Space

Richmond-based Breadwinner.


Pen Rollings ex Honor Roll(guitar), Robert Donne (bass), and Chris Farmer (drums).

Merge Records.

Instrumental Punk band.

Link on Mega... /?d=Q2U6PMVA

Adversity Demo Tape Thrash Metal Punk

Adversity Demo

get it at that mega site:


converted from cassette.

Synastryche-Demo-Tormentous Imprisionment

Synastryche-Demo cassette-Tormentous Imprisionment

link coming soon.

from the tape list

Synastryche-Demo-Tormentous Imprisionment,EX-,20,
Tar-D.C. Space,D.C.,10/9/90,EX--,45
Terminal Confusion-Demo#2-All These Problems,EX,10

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Annihilator Demo Tape

unknown demo tape. There were quite a few metal bands with this name.
Maybe from 1989.


mega... /?d=2IG7ROZP

possible the tape ends before the last song is done.

Caustic Affliction Demo Tape - Metal

The Maryland thrash band from the late 80s, early 90s.

Unknown date on the demo tape. probably 1988.


from the main cassette list:

Casbah-Demo#1-Death Metal,EX,10

Caustic Affliction-Demo,EX,20,
Celtic Frost-Journey Into Fear-track,EX,5
Celtic Frost-Ludwigsburgh,Germany,2/11/87,EX--,20