Monday, December 31, 2007

Geek - 8 Totally Rejected Songs - Demo (Tsunami)

Great band, members of Tsunami.


very little info on this band.
singer has a website:
no info there either.
Geek has a song on the Simple Machines singles comp "Wedge":
Geek: Herasure released 1990

Thursday, December 27, 2007


The Hated - What Was Behind - demo tape.

Hard to find demo tape. great music.
year not known, 1989 or 1990.

www.mega up load . com/?d=RWDX3VOJ

ripped at 320kBps


Jawbreaker show from 1990. taped from soundboard. the first few songs are at a low volume due to some soundboard error thing. great show.

JawBreaker DC Space July 2nd, 1990.


Monday, December 24, 2007

Melvins DC Space May 22, 1990

Um yeah. You will like this one. played with Jawbox Jawbox opened for the Melvins. Will post the Jawbox part of the show soon.

this is at 320kBps!
Total time: 51 min.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Rights of Spring-August-29-1985-DC rar file

Ripped from cassette. 1985 show.
Show opens with All There Is.

Link: www.mega**


from the rare live and demo list...
... Ripcord-Arnitem,Holland,2/7/87,EX,40
Rites of Spring-D.C.,8/29/85,VG,35
Rollins Band-City Gardens,N.J.,4/27/87,EX-,45
Rollins Band-Trenton,N.J.,7/15/88,EX-,80
Rotting Corpse-Demo,EX,15
S.F.H.-Demo-Cold Death,VG++,10...

NOTA-Aug-23-1984-Cathay de Grand-California Punk Show

Ripped from cassette. From 1984


from the rare punk live and demo tape list....
... Mr. T Experience-Demo,198-,EX-,15
MR.Bungle-Demo#1-The Raging Wrath of....,EX--,20
Mucky Pup-Demo,198-,EX--,15
N.O.T.A.-Cathy De Grande,Hollywood,CA.,8/23/84,EX-,40
Naked Raygun-Demo,EX-,10
Naked Raygun-Hull,U.K.,5/12/89,EX,65
Naked Raygun-Leeds,U.K.,5/13/89,EX,65
Naked Raygun-Paris,France,6/11/89,EX,45
Naked Raygun-Pyramid Club,N.Y.,8/18/88,EX,70....

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Agent 86 - BBQ Iguana-November 2-1989 Punk Live Show

Opened for Dissent. Will post the Dissent show soon.
Ripped from cassette.