Jawbox April 14th, 1990 Live Show - Old Punk Shows and Demo Tapes
Old Punk Shows and Demo Tapes: Jawbox April 14th, 1990 Live Show

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jawbox April 14th, 1990 Live Show

Appeared with Plaid Retina.

Get the Show here!

Jawbox was a self-proclaimed academic member of the Washington, D.C. hard core scene. Instead of over-the-top ego, in-your-face offensiveness, and unstable filth and fury lifestyles, the group from Washington, D.C. lived a more pleasant band life.

password should be:


or even


we dont remember which version actually.

good luck,.!


Convertido said...

Thanks for the great upload. I was lucky enough to catch them in Austin, TX with Naked Raygun about a year after this show. Both bands were great that night, sadly Jawbox was never quite that good the other times I saw them. Thanks!!

Doug said...

Hey Old School,

Thanks for posting this. I was Doc back in the days and taped this show. Very cool website.

convertido said...

Thanks for the file, but what's the password?

Anonymous said...

Which is the password?
Thank u!

Anonymous said...

Which is teh password?

Augusto said...

hi there, greetings from Monterrey, Mexico
i´ve been looking for the Necrophiliac demo, i found it here, but i cant download it, i copy the link and it only appears the page again? how can i do it?
i know these guys from years, but they dont even have their own demo from 20 years ago!
can you help me?

Alexei Cavazos

Anonymous said...

Necrophiliac Demo

Augusto said...

hi there, augusto once again.
im sorry but i can do it! the link below just put me again on the page, but i cant download it, i copy the Link of media fire but it just send me to the same page, how can i download it? do i have to have a media fire account?
whats the exact link?
hope you can help me


Anonymous said...

i see there is an error, will have to re do soon. sorry

Augusto said...

too bad :(
but.. links doesnt seems to be working well, i´ve tried to download a few more demos, but none of them seem to work, they always got me to another page where the link is, but no Download would happen.
can yo send it via mail?
tell me the procedure to download files, i have downloaded from a lot of other blogs, but this is the first time i ever had this trouble.
can you help me?