Wednesday, August 29, 2007

WRPI Punk Radio Show 1986 Tape 1

This is an old punk radio show from 1986. Not the best one we have as this does not have the 'DJ' talking about the music being played. Still a good show playing music from that time period. Soon we will post the shows that has the 'DJ' saying things like Here is a NEW one from the Naked Raygun record called All Rise. We'll also have a rare radio show that has the singer from The Buggout Society as a guest DJ.

WRPI is a college in Troy New York.
DJ usually was Chris Hastings.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sacrilege BC Rehearsal session 1987

Includes some weirdness, parts of Bad Brains songs, etc. This is better than most of their studio recordings.

Condemned Attitude-First Show-Dec7-1986 Rare Mp3

Condemned Attitude-First Show-Dec 7-1986
post Attitude Adjustment. from audience tape.


Halo of Flies-Paradise Amsterdam-May17-1991

AmRep band in Amsterdam. Complete live show from cassette.