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Old Punk Shows and Demo Tapes: The Bad Lieutenants

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Bad Lieutenants

Every Time I Come Around - 15 song CD on Teenage Heart Records, 2006 Chinks Dedication Recording. This is an all covers CD. All covers from the band called Chinks - a band from the mid 90's - Connecticut, USA. songs: 1. Balls Out in Memphis
2. Billy Smith
3. Little Hit.ler
4. Stand Up and Fall
5. Now You Gone N Done It
6. Jesus on the Phone
7. F* ckers
8. Waitin on a Lid
9. AA Meeting
10. Got Her To Go
11. Shrimper
12. Christmas Time Bomb
13. Spasto-Cola
14. Big Fat Leg
15. Midnight Beefcake.
They have a MySpace where you can hear some of their music:

Its a Chinks/Steve Theriault Dedication CD. Good in small doses. Put 'Got Her to Go' on your CD mix, fits between Adicts-Distortion and Negative Approach-Ready to Fight.

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