Saturday, June 24, 2006

Phoenix City Muggers

5 track CDEP. Angry punk, sounding like a cross between FEAR and The Meatmen. Songs on this CDEP (on - Ship Sailed In, Dirty Old Man, Too good to Be True, Corporate America, Cowardly Thugs. The song 'Corporate America' now also appears on The 'Till They All Come Home' Comp - Hardcore Support 2006. Pissed off Beer/Oi! band - the best stuff to listen to on a Saturday night, or any night for that matter. Check out their MySpace for more info - Band info direct from their MySpace: Mike - vocals and old man ramblings Leif - battering ram Kris - alchemy of the guitar from the pits of hell Sam - cigarettes, lovin' the ladies and occasionally playing rhythm guitar Eric- bass playin stud.