Friday, February 24, 2006

Red State Riot (Punk from Florida!)

Awesome Hardcore punk from Florida. Sounding like a late 80's NYHC band, somewhere like a cross between MOD and FEAR. Song titles like "We Need a War", "Eastside", "Propaganda", "Stand and Fall" and near perfect production and lots of political themed lyrics, combined with lots of loud guitar, makes for good repeat listenings. They could have used a few more songs like "Propaganda" (super speedy Crumbsuckers/Nuclear Assault/SOD short song hardcore) - They do a great job sounding like a NY band! You can find a sample of the music on InterPunk site (search for Red State Riot + Interpunk) Check their site for pix and stuff:

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

wobblies-flames of discontent

Punk rock released 2005. Oregon band playing straight forward punk, sounding like something from early 90's LookOut! Records. One of the singers even sound like Jeff / Pete from Crimpshrine.

Maybe read some lyrics and find their site:

Lexington Rebels:

the lexington rebels didn’t fight for this, didn’t die for these hypocritesthey were in tatters and rags, fixing their bayonetsand these days the patriots are fighting for what they were againstthe sun that rose for freedom has fallen down and set.lack of compassion is the fashion of the dayand the sons of liberty are turning in the gravethe modern day loyalist is raising his fist and flagas a new war unfolds and old glory waves goodbye.the sons of liberty are turning in the grave.