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Old Punk Shows and Demo Tapes: Melvins - Flipper

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Melvins - Flipper

A rare Melvins release from 1990. On Slap a Ham Records (#13) - 3,000 pressed on clear vinyl. There were less than 30 that were pressed on white vinyl and pink vinyl. Anyways, this is a low-fi recording which sounds like a rehearsal or soundcheck. NO information came with the record, except for some etchings in the vinyl. The Melvins already covered Flipper by doing Sacrifice on their Lysol LP (later renamed Melvins, since they couldn't use the brand name Lysol). Two tracks are: Love Canal / Someday. These 2 covers stick with the 'Really Slow cover song' style like they did with Sacrifice. It is done so well that that knowing Flipper's Love Canal song you wouldn't know it is the same song right away. Never liked bands doing cover songs, but The Melvins were smart - doing a cover song without sounding like they are doing a cover song. Most people know of either The Melvins and then discover Flipper or they know Flipper and hear of the Melvins. The limited pressing makes this hard to find, and expensive if you find it.

The Melvins - Video

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