Second Wind-Security-LP - Old Punk Shows and Demo Tapes
Old Punk Shows and Demo Tapes: Second Wind-Security-LP

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Second Wind-Security-LP

A very amazing band that sounds JUST LIKE Minor Threat. Has Steve Hansgen on Guitar, Mike Brown-Drums, Richard Moore-Vocals, Bert Queiroz-Bass. The vocals sound JUST LIKE Ian of Minor Threat too. Released in 1984 on R&B Records (RB12EP-1) from D.C. 9 songs on this 12" which is really a 12: EP. Songs are: Bitch, I Don't Like to have to Fight, Above Us All, Knock on Wood, Mr. Suit(Wire cover), Security, Trials and Errors, It's all Expected, No Solution. LP graphics by Jeff Nelson. Heard Above Us All on college radio back in the 80's and the DJ said the band was Minor Threat. If you like Minor Threat you already like this band.

Lyrics to Above Us All:

You look down on me
DAMN, I known I'm not as good
You laugh at the way I think
How I wish I could measure up to you
I know you're seen it all
Oh, how I wish I had your eyes
You don't play petty head games
Cause you know you'll win them all
You're son much better than the rest
Life for you must be such as pest
You hate everything
Nothing's good enough for you
YOU'RE ABOVE US ALL wish you weren't

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Anonymous said...

Its all expected is right on the money...