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Old Punk Shows and Demo Tapes: Scab Cadillac-Tagged and Numbered

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Scab Cadillac-Tagged and Numbered

Another one of the GREAT lost bands. Tagged & Numbered was released on Rave Records from Philadephia,PA, in 1989. Their sound is a mix of punk and grunge, without sounding like they are trying to be either. They sound could be compared to early Starvation Army, with a much heavier guitar sound. Lyrically they are political, sarcastic and witty, or as their singer Jack Gorry once said in a radio interview "..tongue and cheek... more tongue than cheek.". Rediscover this band - you're missing out on some great music. If you like Starvation Army you will like this. Scab Cadillac also released an EP called White Trash Mentol 100's, and appeared on the Howl #5 Comp 7".

Tracks on this LP:

Explain This
Fall, Fall Wall St.
In This World
Gaza Striptease
In The Mind
Engine 11
Stupid Flu
Fashion Fallout
Land of the Who, Home of the What
Down in the Sh_t.

Jack Gorry-Vocals
Paul Hazlet-Drums
Doug Ahmehd-Mustapha-Bhen-Nyet-Guitar
Bob Dickie-Bass

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