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Old Punk Shows and Demo Tapes: No Milk on Tuesday - EP

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

No Milk on Tuesday - EP

Great punk from 1984. NMOT are from Danbury, Connecticut. 6 track EP released on Spoiled Records. Tracks are: U Lied, Killing Myself With Drugs, Pressure Sensitive, USA Today, Polyester Pigs, I Don't Know. Their sound and song styles are similar to AOD (fuzzed out guitars, but not as fast) and The Crucif*cks 1st LP. Band members are: Mark-Guitar, Darryl-Vocals, Dave-Drums, and Fudd-Bass. Recommended and hard to find.

Lyrics to USA Today:

It's the USA Today, It's gone tomorrow, One mad head, one flick of the switch, from apple pies to rotting bodies. What I have today could be gone tomorrow.

USA Today -- Gone tomorrow.

Sure I' content, I still have my car but when red, white, and blue have all turned to ash I'll pick my skull and remember when I had skin.

Lyrics to Polyester Pigs:

Polyester Pigs in the polyester cop cars giving out tickets to the polyester victims. We don't need polyester pigs on campus. We don't need polyester pigs with guns. Polyester pigs in their polyester cop cars doing stupid things in polyester classes. I don't need polyester pigs on my ass. I don't need p. pigs at all!

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Adam Morgan said...

thanks for this. I just started reading Everybody's Scene and wanted to check out some of the bands in the book.