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Old Punk Shows and Demo Tapes: Hellworms - Crowd Repellent

Monday, April 18, 2005

Hellworms - Crowd Repellent

Intense ex-Victim's Family band. They sound very much like them - Tight, Psychotic, very catchy and jagged. You will want to CRANK THIS UP REAL LOUD when you hear the first track "Wake Up Tomorrow". Includes the 'trademark' strange sudden high pitch vocals of Ralph Spight - if you remember from Victim's Family the style that would sound pretty normal and then WHAAAAAAAYYYYYYY. Crazy! Highly recommended especially if you liked Victim's Family. Other tracks you'll really like: Rat Brains on Crack, What's Your Excuse, Skull and Hashbrowns(VERY INTENSE SPAZZ FUNK!), and Little Grass Shack By A River. Great lyrics that will keep your attention - The CD comes with lyrics so you can figure out what is really said when you hear WHAAAAAAYYYYY. On Alternative Tentacles in 1998. Total Running time of 48:01.

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