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Old Punk Shows and Demo Tapes: Antiseen - Southern Hostility

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Antiseen - Southern Hostility

World's scummiest band. Dirty and Pissed would be a very fitting description of their attitude. This release has a very raw metal punk sound. 14 tracks with some titles like Leeches and Losers, My God can Beat Up Your God, Kicked in the Head, Slice You Open, and more TOTALLY NON-EMO songs. Lyrically you can be sure that the following words have been used in AT LEAST one song ever recorded by AntiSeen: Blood, Bastard, Stupid, Loser, [censored], B*tch, mother[censored], toilet, kill, stab, drunk, whisky, beer, [censored], damn, shoot, whore, mother, up your [censored], etc.. Fans of GG Allin and the Mentors will love this band. Living next door to this band would be a world's worst nightmare. Living next door to someone who listened to this band daily would be the 2nd world's worst nightmare. Is this their best? Gasp! you mean I have to listen to all of their other releases and compare? No thanks.

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