Saturday, April 30, 2005

Scab Cadillac-Tagged and Numbered

Another one of the GREAT lost bands. Tagged & Numbered was released on Rave Records from Philadephia,PA, in 1989. Their sound is a mix of punk and grunge, without sounding like they are trying to be either. They sound could be compared to early Starvation Army, with a much heavier guitar sound. Lyrically they are political, sarcastic and witty, or as their singer Jack Gorry once said in a radio interview "..tongue and cheek... more tongue than cheek.". Rediscover this band - you're missing out on some great music. If you like Starvation Army you will like this. Scab Cadillac also released an EP called White Trash Mentol 100's, and appeared on the Howl #5 Comp 7".

Tracks on this LP:

Explain This
Fall, Fall Wall St.
In This World
Gaza Striptease
In The Mind
Engine 11
Stupid Flu
Fashion Fallout
Land of the Who, Home of the What
Down in the Sh_t.

Jack Gorry-Vocals
Paul Hazlet-Drums
Doug Ahmehd-Mustapha-Bhen-Nyet-Guitar
Bob Dickie-Bass

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

No Milk on Tuesday - EP

Great punk from 1984. NMOT are from Danbury, Connecticut. 6 track EP released on Spoiled Records. Tracks are: U Lied, Killing Myself With Drugs, Pressure Sensitive, USA Today, Polyester Pigs, I Don't Know. Their sound and song styles are similar to AOD (fuzzed out guitars, but not as fast) and The Crucif*cks 1st LP. Band members are: Mark-Guitar, Darryl-Vocals, Dave-Drums, and Fudd-Bass. Recommended and hard to find.

Lyrics to USA Today:

It's the USA Today, It's gone tomorrow, One mad head, one flick of the switch, from apple pies to rotting bodies. What I have today could be gone tomorrow.

USA Today -- Gone tomorrow.

Sure I' content, I still have my car but when red, white, and blue have all turned to ash I'll pick my skull and remember when I had skin.

Lyrics to Polyester Pigs:

Polyester Pigs in the polyester cop cars giving out tickets to the polyester victims. We don't need polyester pigs on campus. We don't need polyester pigs with guns. Polyester pigs in their polyester cop cars doing stupid things in polyester classes. I don't need polyester pigs on my ass. I don't need p. pigs at all!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Second Wind-Security-LP

A very amazing band that sounds JUST LIKE Minor Threat. Has Steve Hansgen on Guitar, Mike Brown-Drums, Richard Moore-Vocals, Bert Queiroz-Bass. The vocals sound JUST LIKE Ian of Minor Threat too. Released in 1984 on R&B Records (RB12EP-1) from D.C. 9 songs on this 12" which is really a 12: EP. Songs are: Bitch, I Don't Like to have to Fight, Above Us All, Knock on Wood, Mr. Suit(Wire cover), Security, Trials and Errors, It's all Expected, No Solution. LP graphics by Jeff Nelson. Heard Above Us All on college radio back in the 80's and the DJ said the band was Minor Threat. If you like Minor Threat you already like this band.

Lyrics to Above Us All:

You look down on me
DAMN, I known I'm not as good
You laugh at the way I think
How I wish I could measure up to you
I know you're seen it all
Oh, how I wish I had your eyes
You don't play petty head games
Cause you know you'll win them all
You're son much better than the rest
Life for you must be such as pest
You hate everything
Nothing's good enough for you
YOU'RE ABOVE US ALL wish you weren't

Monday, April 18, 2005

Hellworms - Crowd Repellent

Intense ex-Victim's Family band. They sound very much like them - Tight, Psychotic, very catchy and jagged. You will want to CRANK THIS UP REAL LOUD when you hear the first track "Wake Up Tomorrow". Includes the 'trademark' strange sudden high pitch vocals of Ralph Spight - if you remember from Victim's Family the style that would sound pretty normal and then WHAAAAAAAYYYYYYY. Crazy! Highly recommended especially if you liked Victim's Family. Other tracks you'll really like: Rat Brains on Crack, What's Your Excuse, Skull and Hashbrowns(VERY INTENSE SPAZZ FUNK!), and Little Grass Shack By A River. Great lyrics that will keep your attention - The CD comes with lyrics so you can figure out what is really said when you hear WHAAAAAAYYYYY. On Alternative Tentacles in 1998. Total Running time of 48:01.

27 Devils Joking - Spreading the Love Vibration

Very listenable rock with punk sounding guitars. Similar to The Monomen in song style. Most reviews will somehow mention "Psyche Rock". This description comes from the bands choice of song titles and album covers, and less with the music. With songs like "F*k Pig Revolution", "Spreading the Love Vibration", and "Paintings of Loves Positivity Non-Commercially Speaking". Their sound could even be compared to Roky Erickson (they do a cover of I Am her Hero, She is my Heroin). They also swear alot, or at least enough to give the music a good edge. The sound on this is much better than their LP on Rave Records called "The Sucking Effect". For a straight-ahead rockin' sound they somehow manage to include the use of Steel Pedal guitar, Sitar, and Farfisa without sounding bad. This band actually reminds me of all of the bands released in Estrus Records. You'll probably like a few tracks a lot, and other you won't want to listen to more than a few times.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Antiseen - Southern Hostility

World's scummiest band. Dirty and Pissed would be a very fitting description of their attitude. This release has a very raw metal punk sound. 14 tracks with some titles like Leeches and Losers, My God can Beat Up Your God, Kicked in the Head, Slice You Open, and more TOTALLY NON-EMO songs. Lyrically you can be sure that the following words have been used in AT LEAST one song ever recorded by AntiSeen: Blood, Bastard, Stupid, Loser, [censored], B*tch, mother[censored], toilet, kill, stab, drunk, whisky, beer, [censored], damn, shoot, whore, mother, up your [censored], etc.. Fans of GG Allin and the Mentors will love this band. Living next door to this band would be a world's worst nightmare. Living next door to someone who listened to this band daily would be the 2nd world's worst nightmare. Is this their best? Gasp! you mean I have to listen to all of their other releases and compare? No thanks.