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Old Punk Shows and Demo Tapes: Wreck - House of Boris - CDEP

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Wreck - House of Boris - CDEP

Another lost unknown band. This is unusual because this is on WaxTrax, who were known for releases by bands like KMFDM, Front 242, Clock DVA. This band, WRECK, are nothing like the others on WaxTrax. They sound like they could easily fit in with the AMREP sound. The track Newish even sounds like Janitor Joe. Contains a cover of a George Clinton song "Atomic Dog". Very strange, because they make it sound like some heavy AMREP sounding song. Produced by Steve Albini. This release has a heavier sound than their one on C/Z records. Released 1991. A Chicago band. This is really good, and very overlooked. You can get their stuff on Amazon really really cheap, like under $1.

Band Lineup:
Kurt Moore - Fish
Bart Flores - Hippy Tambourine
Dean Schlabowske - Hammer Dulcimer
Okay, the band line-up makes no sense.

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