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Old Punk Shows and Demo Tapes: Vaz - Dying to Meet You - CD

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Vaz - Dying to Meet You - CD

Okay, you all know the band HAMMERHEAD right? The AmRep band, not the UK Hammerhead which was on that "You Make Me Wanna Puke" 7" comp. This band, VAZ, is ex-hammerhead. Sound is similar. I got this AFTER I had their "Demonstration In Micronesia CD". This one isn't as Hammerhead-like. has some odd - off sounding tracks, but the songs are actually better. Get their other CD too, or even better you MUST hear their "Hey One Cell" 7" . Can't really tell who is in this band sometimes. The main person is "Apollo Liftoff: vocals, bass, guitar". The Drummer is "Deft Garlands: drums". I think sometimes someone else plays guitar too. The cover of this CD looks like something from an old MAD Magazine. This band is INTENSE Pounding Noise! The Drumming is really awesome. In fact, it is their drumming that makes this band really unique. You'll know when you hear it. Get HEY ONE CELL 7".

Vaz Video (from 2002)

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