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Old Punk Shows and Demo Tapes: Agitpop-Back To The Pain of Jars-LP

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Agitpop-Back To The Pain of Jars-LP

From 1986 - an AMAZING band you don't hear to much about. This band is similar to fIREHOSE, except Agitpop are VERY TIGHT, VERY CRISP. Their songs have jagged rhythms, something like the Minutemen (who they have opened for back in the 80's) The 'dedication' on this LP says 'To three dudes from Pedro', which means THE MINUTEMEN, of course. This LP is their second, and their best - The first LP was a little more experimental, their next LP after this, Open Seasons, is just as amazing - EVEN BETTER than this one! - their last LP, Stick It, was not as energetic. Look for this one on Ebay. Oh, they were from Poughkeepsie, NY.

Band Lineup:
Rick Crescini - Bass, Percussion
John DeVries - Guitars, Vocals
Mark LaFalce - Drums, Percussion

Lyrics -
Message From Tundra:
First the stars
then the sun
now the girl
for cheek to tongue
crack the ice
break the ground
two know your body
pound by pound
Sometimes I think your
a message from Tundra
sometimes I think your
the 8th world wonder

Do the work, make the time
polar bear, you make me cry
private beat, it still talks
too much two loud, it takes no words.

Back To the Plain of Jars, on COMM3 - 1986

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