Saturday, March 19, 2005

Urge Overkill - Americruiser & Jesus Urge Overkill-CD

A very win-win situation here! Forget that they 'went major' and did a song on the Pulp Fiction movie. This was when they were really cool and really rocked. Worth it for the song God Flintstone, as well as Dump Dump Dump. This also has their 7". Too bad they didn't include their 1st Ep which is really good and really hard to find!!

Flag of Democracy - Down With People-LP

Insane and hella fast music here. From 1990. Too bad the sound quality wasn't, you know, kickin arse. They somehow sound like Heresy, minus the full distortion fuzz. Imagine Victims Family doing a Heresy cover.

Here are the tracks:
It is This
Teenage Godhead
Revolution '90
Camera Salesman
Commercial Success
Fiberboard Orb
Kinder Gentler Dick
Sit and Stare
The Old New One
I Dismantled the Clock.
Worth finding because it has a song called QUISP.

Vaz - Dying to Meet You - CD

Okay, you all know the band HAMMERHEAD right? The AmRep band, not the UK Hammerhead which was on that "You Make Me Wanna Puke" 7" comp. This band, VAZ, is ex-hammerhead. Sound is similar. I got this AFTER I had their "Demonstration In Micronesia CD". This one isn't as Hammerhead-like. has some odd - off sounding tracks, but the songs are actually better. Get their other CD too, or even better you MUST hear their "Hey One Cell" 7" . Can't really tell who is in this band sometimes. The main person is "Apollo Liftoff: vocals, bass, guitar". The Drummer is "Deft Garlands: drums". I think sometimes someone else plays guitar too. The cover of this CD looks like something from an old MAD Magazine. This band is INTENSE Pounding Noise! The Drumming is really awesome. In fact, it is their drumming that makes this band really unique. You'll know when you hear it. Get HEY ONE CELL 7".

Vaz Video (from 2002)

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Agitpop-Back To The Pain of Jars-LP

From 1986 - an AMAZING band you don't hear to much about. This band is similar to fIREHOSE, except Agitpop are VERY TIGHT, VERY CRISP. Their songs have jagged rhythms, something like the Minutemen (who they have opened for back in the 80's) The 'dedication' on this LP says 'To three dudes from Pedro', which means THE MINUTEMEN, of course. This LP is their second, and their best - The first LP was a little more experimental, their next LP after this, Open Seasons, is just as amazing - EVEN BETTER than this one! - their last LP, Stick It, was not as energetic. Look for this one on Ebay. Oh, they were from Poughkeepsie, NY.

Band Lineup:
Rick Crescini - Bass, Percussion
John DeVries - Guitars, Vocals
Mark LaFalce - Drums, Percussion

Lyrics -
Message From Tundra:
First the stars
then the sun
now the girl
for cheek to tongue
crack the ice
break the ground
two know your body
pound by pound
Sometimes I think your
a message from Tundra
sometimes I think your
the 8th world wonder

Do the work, make the time
polar bear, you make me cry
private beat, it still talks
too much two loud, it takes no words.

Back To the Plain of Jars, on COMM3 - 1986

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Wreck - House of Boris - CDEP

Another lost unknown band. This is unusual because this is on WaxTrax, who were known for releases by bands like KMFDM, Front 242, Clock DVA. This band, WRECK, are nothing like the others on WaxTrax. They sound like they could easily fit in with the AMREP sound. The track Newish even sounds like Janitor Joe. Contains a cover of a George Clinton song "Atomic Dog". Very strange, because they make it sound like some heavy AMREP sounding song. Produced by Steve Albini. This release has a heavier sound than their one on C/Z records. Released 1991. A Chicago band. This is really good, and very overlooked. You can get their stuff on Amazon really really cheap, like under $1.

Band Lineup:
Kurt Moore - Fish
Bart Flores - Hippy Tambourine
Dean Schlabowske - Hammer Dulcimer
Okay, the band line-up makes no sense.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Lung - Cactii - CD - 1991

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They were PREVIOUSLY called THE CLEAR, released 2 records, one an EP, and a full length CD/LP. The LP is called Live Stomach. THIS IS NOT a LIVE LP, just perhaps a poor choice of LP title. The 1st EP by The Clean sounds like new wave pop rock. The Live Stomach LP sounds JUST like LUNG - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Iowa Beef Experience - Personalien - Rave Records

Heavy Southern punk rock sound similar to Antiseen, but THIS BAND KICKS MAJOR ANGUS! This CD has that perfect sound, something like the guitar sound of Celtic Frost with the Antiseen attitude. This is on Rave Records, who also released music by bands like Starvation Army, Antiseen, More Fiends, Scab Cadillac, and God and Texas. Well worth finding this one! Some of the song titles are strange, and some I won't even repeat here - these are a few I can mention: Guilt and Revenge, Pizenhed, Tools of the Trade, Talanted Amature, Nonstop Nacho, Dope Smokin Redneck from Cedar Rapids Trapped in an Alternate Reality. This may have been the last release on Rave Records.

Recorded at Razors Edge - 1992. IBEX, Iowa City, IA