Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Antietam - Music from Elba - LP 1986

It took forever to find somthing by this band. I heard they were a 'noise rock' band like Live Skull or Sonic Youth (80's). I don't know if this record is their best representation of their sound but it didn't impress all that much. They sound like a loose Agitpop. Nothing jumps out on this record. Kinda plods along in a pre-alternative college rock band kinda way. Imagine a blend of folk music with Live Skull, or a messy Agitpop. I'm probably missing something, or I expected something more intense. It is really good to listen to - I've only heard it 3 or 4 times so far. I never really want to turn it off, or turn it up either. It will probably make more sense in a year or so, and which point I'll update this review.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Feederz - Teachers in Space - CD

Been wanting this one for awhile. The only song I knew by them was Lobster Quadrille - this song is not all that great, but they had my interest. The whole CD is pretty short, with some of the songs not really being 'songs'. It includes a few spoken word pieces, and Intermission track. Some of the songs sound like early Butthole Surfers type of 'spoken words over psychotic guitar sounds'. The Feederz only managed to make that sound iritating after a few listens. There is a video (RealVideo) from an old show added to the CD. it would have been better to release this as their first 2 LPs on one CD kinda deal (their first LP is 'Ever Feel like Killing Your Boss?') I DID like the comment on the back of the CD: "Recording Music is Ruining the Music Industry - Keep Up the Good Work." if you are collecting old punk reissues, I'd recommend to get this one last.

Monday, September 01, 2003

Anarchy 6 - Hardcore Lives - LP 1988

Sounds like a Suicidal Tendencies band. They even look like it on the back cover (this is intentional as they are a ST parody band (really its Redd Kross). The songs are a blend of metal and hardcore - you know, guitar solos, chugga chugga riffs and a metal/rap song. Best song is 'Slam, spit, cut your hair, kill your mom'. You'll probably like three songs at the most. The rest you'll maybe listen to once, or twice. Funny at the time. Enjoyable in small doses.